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The Health Benefits of Sex Toys

The global sex toy industry is worth more than $15 billion a year and research suggest that almost half the British population admit to owning at least one product. We go beyond the pleasure principle to examine the health benefits of sex toys.

For Women

There is an increasing number of clients looking for products to help with specific health conditions: Sex toys can be helpful in the treatment of menopausal symptoms such as vaginal atrophy, vulval/vaginal pain and tightness (due to vaginismus, vulvodynia, lichen sclerosis, gynae cancer treatments and surgical interventions; neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis; lack of arousal, and low libido. Some medications can also impact upon sexual function and pleasure in both men and women, including cancer treatments, antidepressants, antihistamines, and blood pressure and heart medicines.

One unexpected benefit of sex toy use, seen in a study of menopausal women, was an improvement in sleep and overnight menopausal sweating. There is also some evidence that the use of slim internal vibrators with plenty of good-quality vaginal lubricant can help to increase blood flow to the vaginal area, improving the symptoms of some vaginal conditions. Some research suggests that women prefer to use slim vaginal vibrators rather than the more clinical dilators that are often prescribed. This can complement other treatments that may be recommended, such as local anaesthetic gels, medication, and psychological therapies.
Vibrators can create different types of sexual stimulation, which can be beneficial when there is decreased sexual sensation, low libido, or an inability to enjoy orgasm.
Using a slim vibrator can help to stretch the tissues of the vagina to enable penetration without pain and the vibrations increase blood flow to the walls of the vagina, promoting healing, stimulating nerves, and improving lubrication.

For Men

There are several sexual problems in men that may be helped by using specific sex toys. These include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido and post-surgical problems for a variety of conditions. Constriction rings can help a man maintain his erection for longer, making it firmer, and delay ejaculation. Specially designed male vibrators can help men to gain an erection and stimulate nerve endings. They can also help with delayed ejaculation as they offer a different sexual sensation to manual masturbation. These vibrators can be useful in treating male sexual dysfunction and Penile suction devices to help get erections are available to purchase as well as on prescription, but it would be best to get medical advice before use.

Surprising Benefits

Using sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure and orgasm can help you to sleep, boost immunity, relieve pain, reduce stress, and boost your brain power. And age is not a barrier. One lady told us she enjoyed her first orgasm at 70 using a sex toy. They have few side-effects, unlike medication, and can help many women enjoy clitoral orgasms and G-spot orgasms, something they may not have achieved before. Sex toys can also help people continue to enjoy sexual intimacy and pleasure when penetrative sex is not possible.
For both men and women, one benefit of introducing sex toys into the dynamic is to open a dialogue about sex and what they enjoy as individuals and a couple.
It may be something that they have not tried before due to embarrassment or fear of purchasing items, but expert advice is available through our resident blogger and sex coach, Lynn-dee, and they may find that their sex lives benefit from this new openness. #lovecoach #wholeness #sexcoach

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